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Balance Bearing Components


Explore the components of balance bearings and their benefits

Precise, efficient rotary motion is dependent on properly balanced components across a wide range of industries. Balance machines utilizing roller bearings have been in place for centuries to perform this task. As precision requirements become more stringent in today’s world, the challenges presented by roller bearings generate uncertainty as to the validity of the measurements.

Balance bearings by New Way® offer an alternative to roller bearings to meet the demand for high-precision applications. Comprised of three components, balance bearings provide the same benefits of Frictionless Motion®TM inherent in all our products for balance machines.

Balance Bearing Components

Radial Bearings

Radial air bearings provide non-contact support for rotary motion applications. Built on our foundational Porous Media TechnologyTM, the bearings use a thin, yet stiff, layer of air to support and rotate the balance artifact without any moving parts. Coupling this with porous media’s ability to evenly distribute air enables radial air bearings to provide sub-nanometer precision, all without the maintenance burdens of roller bearings.

Radial air bearings are cut in a concave or convex shape along a standard or custom-sized length (L) or width (W.) As a component of balance bearings, the radial air bearing product line offers the ability to balance both inner or outer diameters of a rod/shaft.

For balancing the inner diameter of a rod/shaft, balance bearings utilize the convex-shaped radial air bearings in a grouping around the ring. Similarly, concave-shaped radial air bearings can be used in groups to balance the outer surface of the balance artifact.


Snap Joint Balance Bearing ComponentsSnap-joints do exactly as their name suggests—they ‘snap-on’ and ‘snap-off’ to a radial bearing. This modular approach allows the radial bearing pads to easily be swapped out/in to another size without having to adjust or plumb air into the bearings. Balance machine operations are dramatically streamlined when the need arises to balance a different-sized rod/shaft.

Adaptive Hardware

New Way’s adaptive hardware provides a solution to retrofit balance bearings into existing low-speed balance machines. By using the same mounting features as roller bearings, this adaptive hardware is attached to the balance machine yoke. Once installed, New Way gas-bearing hardware is easily attached.

The unique combination of these components makes balance bearings the superior choice for use in a balance machine. Whether you are looking for confidence in measurement, less maintenance or efficiency in operations, balance bearings are able to meet the present demands of precision and efficiency.

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