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Air Bars from New Way Float Glass


Air Bars from New Way Float Glass In FPD and Solar Module Manufacturing

Flat panel display and photovoltaic solar panel manufacturing must eliminate any contact during glass-handling processes to enhance yield. New Way offers non-contact air bars for integration into a single glass conveying, processing and/or inspection array. Air bars from New Way are air bearings that use a thin film of pressurized air to provide an exceedingly low friction load-bearing interface between surfaces. Eliminating the friction variable, this air bearing technology offers greater precision in operation, especially on glass.

The Precise Advantages of Air Bars

Incorporating proprietary Porous Media TechnologyTM, New Way air bars distribute “air” evenly across an entire conveying surface from millions of sub-micron holes in the bearing surface, making it virtually impossible for the glass to touch down. Even in the rare occasion of air loss, the carbon surface of the air bar minimizes damage as the glass sheet gently rests on the surface until air pressure is reapplied. The carbon surface avoids scratching the glass.

New Way Offers Two Configurations

  • Providing a higher level of precision, stiffness and damping than traditional air bars, New Way Precision Zone Air Bars, are engineered for use under or near precision glass inspection and optimized process stations. The next generation in non-contact glass handling, Precision Zone Air Bars provide ±5µm control, a significant advantage over conventional methodologies or orifice-based air bars, especially in manufacturing lines.
  • Engineered to reduce both system and operation costs, Transition Air Bars operate at high-speed motion of the glass with low airflow, making them ideal for FPD manufacturers looking for non-contact control of flat panel display glass at 30 microns and for solar module manufacturers requiring 80 microns of fly height. Using vacuum, Transition Air Bars can provide vertical glass stability with the glass flying height range of 20 to 120 microns.

Range of Applications in the Flat Panel Display and Photovoltaics Markets

Offering 10 – 120 micron substrate fly height range, + 5 micron fly height control and ±1 nanometer glass stability, New Way Air Bars are ideal for non-contacting glass handling for:

  • Automated optical inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Coating
  • Conveyance
  • Probing
  • Repair
  • Inline and offline processes

As with all of New Way Air Bearing Products, Air Bars incorporate proprietary Porous Media Technology that makes them contactless and able to float on glass with frictionless operation. Possessing superior stiffness, they don’t scratch like competitive products. To learn more about the New Way Air Bars, download our Air Bar Product Catalog or request product information here.

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