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S253502S253502 – 35mm Thrust Bushing

35mm Thrust Bushing

35mm Thrust Bushing

S253502 Thrust Bushings makes air bearing technology readily available to engineers who require radial motion with axial constraint. The S253502 runs on a standard metric precision machined steel shaft.

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Title Specifications
Size 35 mm ID35 mm ID
SKU S253502S253502
Input Pressure 60 psi0.41 MPa
Radial Load Max 110 lbs489 N
Thrust Load Max 130 lbs578 N
Axial Stiffness N/AN/A
Radial Stiffness N/AN/A
Flowrate on Shaft 13.0 - 21.0 SCFH5.62 - 9.08 NLPM
Air Gap 150 micro-inches3.81 microns
Thrust Bushing 1.3788 in +.0002/-.00035.020 mm +0.005/-0.000
Bushing Outside 2.098 in53.29 mm
Thrust Face 3.0 in76.2 mm
Thrust Bushing Length 2.625 in66.68 mm
Thrust Bushing Weight 6.4 oz181.4 grams
Housing Material/Finish Aluminum/AnodizedAluminum/Anodized
Porous Media Material CarbonCarbon
Recommended Shaft N/AN/A
Recommended Mounting Bore 2.116 in +.005/-.00053.746 mm +.13/-.00
Maximum Allowable Pressure Supply 100 psi0.689 MPa
Resolution InfiniteInfinite
Maximum Speed 164 ft/s50 m/sec
Common Shaft Materials Anodized aluminum, stainless steel, nickel plated steel, ceramics, glassAnodized aluminum, stainless steel, nickel plated steel, ceramics, glass

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