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S1345PA1000S1345PA1000 – PA Series 1000mm x 45mm

PA Series 1000mm x 45mm

PA Series 1000mm x 45mm

S1345PA1000 is the smallest entry in the PA Rail series of Air Bars, with a 1,000mm length and a 45 mm width. Through the use of New Way’s Porous Media® Technology, these air bars provide an unparalleled solution to transporting Flat Panel Displays (FPD) and other glass substrates on a positively pressurized layer of air. Should 1000mm be longer than you need, custom PA rails are an option, with a minimum length charge of 600 mm.

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Fly Height0.00314 - 0.0059 in80-150 microns
Input Pressure21.0 psi145 kPa
Input Pressure Flow1.77 SCFM50 SLPM/meter of rail
Input VacuumN/A (no vacuum)N/A (no vacuum)
Input Vacuum FlowN/A (no vacuum)N/A (no vacuum)
Fly Height Range0.00393 - 0.0059 in100-152 microns
Fly Height ControlN/A (Conveyance only) N/A (Conveyance only)
Air Film StiffnessN/A (Conveyance only) N/A (Conveyance only)
StabilityN/A (Conveyance only) N/A (Conveyance only)
Length39.37 in1000 mm
Width1.77 in45 mm
Height3.67 in93.3 mm
Weight319.4 lb/in3.68 kg/m
Bearing Surface Flatness0.0059 in0.15 mm
Viable Pressure Range0.5-40 psi3.48-275.79 kPa
Maximum Pressure Supply40.0 psi275.70 kPa
Substrate Thickness0.012 in and up0.3 mm and up
Maximum Substrate Speed8.2 ft/s2.5 m/s


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