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Building a Custom Linear Bearing Assembly is Simple


Building a Custom Linear Bearing Assembly is Simple with New Way® Flat Air Bearings

The gold standard in high-precision bearings, flat air bearings, were introduced by New Way® in the 1980s as their first off-the-shelf, porous media air bearing technology line. Offering superior accuracy in fly height control, high speed and quick settling time, New Way Flat Air Bearings operate with consistent motion and repeatability. Easy to incorporate into a machine tool or system, Flat Air Bearings simplify the task of designing and building custom air bearing assemblies. In fact, manufacturers can build a custom solution with New Way flat air bearings for less than buying an off-the-shelf solution.

Round and Rectangular Configurations

Available in both round and rectangular configurations, a flat air bearing design features a gimbled mount that allows for great flexibility in tolerance and threaded ball studs that support easy positioning. While flat round air bearings are the most popular of New Way standard components, flat rectangular units provide a more efficient bearing surface alignment for some linear motion applications.

Virtually Zero Friction

By floating on a 5 µm layer of air that provides a “zero friction” load bearing interface between surfaces, New Way air bearings achieve non-contact motion, avoiding traditional bearing-related problems associated with friction, wear, and lubricants due to mechanical contact. Zero resistance also means improved straightness of motion, smoother operation, high speed, and high resolution.

Porous Media

While traditional ‘orifice’ air bearings use a small number of air openings, a New Way Air Bearing utilizes millions of pores to distribute air equally across the bearing face. The result is greater bearing capacity, rigidity, and resistance to clogging. Porous material also makes the air bearings less sensitive to damage.

Diverse Application Use

New Way Flat Bearings are appropriate for a multitude of high-loaded and high-speed applications including:

  • Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs)
  • Diamond turning machines
  • Dry machining of metals
  • Semiconductor wafer processing machines
  • Fast tool servos
  • Material testing machines

In addition to standard units, custom round pucks and rectangular bearings are engineered to specific applications including replacement bearings for CMMs. A choice of mounting components simply bearing installation. For more information, contact us through our website for a product brochure or to discuss your requirements.

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