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Linear Air Slides Take Linear Motion to the Next Level of Precision


High-acceleration motion control applications require linear slides that can withstand high speeds while providing uniform and long-lasting operations. New Way® Linear Air Slides take linear motion to the next level of precision with straight motion, speed, and dynamic response an order of a magnitude higher than conventional linear slides operating with linear roller bearings. Featuring air bearings based on New Way’s proprietary Porous Media Technology™, the linear air slides operate with a non-contacting motion that eliminates friction, wear, and hysteresis effects associated with traditional mechanical bearings for excellent performance.

By incorporating linear air bearings that provide the “purest and highest performance means of defining linear motion,” New Way Precision Linear Air Slides optimize linear guide measurement, offering uniform and predictable for even the most demand dynamic applications. Units provide local straightness (X and Z) of 250 nanometers (0.25 microns) per 25mm travel (10 micro inches per inch,) with a maximum error of 2 microns per 1000mm travel (80 microinches per yard.)

Three configurations of linear air slides offer different performance advantages:

  • Designed for applications where support is not feasible, End-Supported Air Slides minimize guide bar sag that occurs with long-span, end-supported configurations. The End-Support Air Slides come in a variety of trunk and guide bar sizes that address different application footprints.
  • Featuring the low profile linear track and longest stage, Dovetail Air Slides can be end-supported or continuously-supported to prevent guide bar sag. A variety of sizes are available that address small and lighter to larger and heavier applications
  • New Way’s first linear slide with integrated assembly, Boxway Air Slides is slightly larger than Dovetail versions to handle the largest load capacity. As with other slide versions, units are used for continuously-supported or end-supported installations.

New Way Linear Slides combine an accurate guide with an air slide for a smooth and easy installation. An Airway Linear Motion Guide System also simplifies swapping out conventional slides with linear air versions. Using this pre-engineered linear slide assembly, technicians can quickly replace existing truck and rail with a New Way airway Linear Motion Guide (LMG) system.

New Way also offers standard off-the-shelf linear air slides for immediate delivery and works with customers in creating custom air slide assemblies. Units are available in both US and metric versions. To find out more about New Way Linear Air Slides, refer to the website or tell us about your application needs here.

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