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New Way® Air Turns Custom Designs


Address Diverse Industry Requirements

Air turns are New Way’s latest breakthrough technology for flexible film processing that allows contactless passive conveyance of substrates in roll-to-roll manufacturing thin film electronics.

Resolving many of the challenges associated with conventional “contact rollers” prone to friction and wear, New Way® Air Turns avoid any mechanical contact with the substrate for full contactless web conveyance.  To accommodate different flexible film processes, New Way offers air turn custom designs that address unique requirements for manufacturing of flexible displays, printed batteries, integrated circuits, and photovoltaics.

air turns custom designsWhile mechanical specifications may vary, all air turns provide a zero-friction, zero-wear operation for every application. The secret to the non-contacting handling of flexible films is New Way’s Porous Media™ technology that provides a thin and stiff air layer on the cylindrical surface in supporting the moving substrate. It also allows a bending angle up to 180°. Besides, the air turns feature a carbon surface with millions of sub-micron size holes that produce consistently uniform air distribution, resulting in straighter motion, higher damping as well as smoother and silent operations.

Understanding every application has different requirements, New Way engineers air turns custom designs in a variety of diameters, lengths, mounts, and interface designs. In cases where air turn assemblies must be lighter, carbon fiber can replace aluminum in the framing to reduce weight.

Shown below are a few custom application examples.

air turns custom designs

Regardless of size, supports, and interfaces, every air turn features non-rotating components that enable flexible films to float over and around non-turning rollers in a contactless fashion. With zero-contact with substrates, the air turns prevent defects on the film and eliminates contamination in cleanrooms utilized for many printed electronics manufacturing.

Watch the video showing New Way Porous Carbon Air Turns in action or contact New Way through our website to find out how air turn technology can improve your roll-to-roll processing equipment. For information on custom designs, contact the New Way Sales Department for Design-to-Order Specifications at 610-494-6700.

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