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New Way® Non-Friction Air Bushings Available in Metric and English Versions


Incorporating porous media technology™ associated with New Way air bearings, the air bushings operate without surface contact and offer significant performance advantages such as frictionless linear or rotary motion, consistent acceleration, and high-precision positioning. Designed to fit standard shaft sizes, air bushing designs serve as direct replacements of conventional bushings to provide a higher standard of motion control for a broader array of dynamic applications, notably in the semiconductor, machine tool, food processing, and turbomachinery markets.

Easy to apply, replace, or change, New Way Air Bushings fit into existing steel shafting and are directly interchangeable with most rolling element bushings. Constructed of carbon media material with an aluminum/anodized housing, these porous media air bushings are stable, crash-resistant, and virtually maintenance-free. Units are available in both metric and English sizes in a range of diameters that offer the same performance advantages and functionality.

Metric Air Bushings

New Way offers its metric-sized air bushings in five diameters, ranging from 13 mm to 75 mm.

  • The 75 mm and 50 mm sized bushings provide the scale to handle more significant load-carrying capability on metric shafting.
  • Air bushings with 40 mm and 25 mm IDs offer a good balance of size and load-carrying capacity.
  • The smallest of the New Air Bushing line, the 20 mm and 13 mm ID sizes bring excellent load-carrying capacity with the flexibility to fit into tight spaces on the metric shafting.

English Air Bushings

New Way English-sized air bushings operate on standard English precision steel shafting and replace other air bushings as most current designs incorporate metric sizing. Seven unit sizes range from 3 to 0.25” in diameter.

  • The largest of the English line, the 3” and 2” diameter units carry the heaviest loads on English shafting.
  • Mid-sized 1.5”, 1” and 0.75” diameter units provide a good balance of size and load-carrying capacity on English shafting.
  • Measuring 0.5” and 0.35”, the smallest English air bushings fit into tight English shafting designs but still offer excellent load-carrying ability.

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