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Roundness Checker + Air Bearings = Quality Improvement


B&B Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a global supplier of threaded fasteners and machine parts, serving numerous industries from power generation and aerospace to petrochemical and medical. When they found ball bearings added too much error to their in-house designed roundness checker, they used New Way Radial and Flat Round Air Bearings to build a turntable with maximum accuracy.

Hatfield, PA, March 3, 2014 — B&G Manufacturing Company Roundness Checker was built in-house by B & G for their Quality Control department. The unit is built with New Way Radial Air Bearings and New Way Flat Round Air Bearings creating a high precision turntable to eliminate the error found in ball bearing misalignment. The accuracies the unit achieves is better than 20 millionths and is very competitive with high dollar alternative options.

B&G Manufacturing Company is a world-renowned manufacturer & supplier of threaded fasteners and machined parts, serving equipment manufacturers and industrial users in the Power Generation, Mining, Transportation, Petro-Chemical, Nuclear, Aerospace, Marine, and Medical industries.

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