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H2W Expands Product Line with New Way’s Products and Services – Test


New Way provided H2W Technologies, a leader in precision motion control solutions, with our Flat Round Air bearings, Air Bushings and Dovetail Linear Slides for integration into large-scale inspection stages requiring exceptional flatness and straightness.

H2W Cites New Way’s Standout Service As The Key To Its Business Growth

H2W Technologies (H2W) provides linear and rotary motion solutions to the motion control industry. Since the early 2000s, H2W has been using New Way® products in their air bearing stage product line. H2W has a market niche as the go-to supplier of turnkey motion control solutions for customers; these customers are predominantly in the semiconductor industry with unique and challenging precision requirements. One request, in particular, drove them to try New Way products…….and they haven’t looked back since.

H2W’s Challenge Met by New Way

New Way customer, H2W Technologies, found a unique blend of service and quality for their air bearing stage product line. H2W was building an air bearing stage for inspection of an encoder scale. However, this particular air bearing stage required exceptionally long travel (close to six feet and above) while maintaining tight flatness and straightness requirements. A long-time reputable air bearing supplier recommended the H2W team try New Way products. The H2W team decided to test them out, designing New Way products into two different length stages.

“It worked wonderfully,” remarked James Mitchell, Vice President of Design Engineering and Quality Assurance. Mitchell commented on how everything worked to the rigorous specifications they had for flatness and straightness. “We have been using them ever since.”

New Way’s Porous Media Technology™ is the ideal design for stages requiring long travel. The inherent even air distribution allows for tighter control, especially when compared to competing designs. Orifice-based designs have a minimal number of holes, making it difficult to create an even distribution. This not only makes the air bearing unstable but causes an accumulation of errors, calling into question the accuracy of operation.

H2W experienced all these benefits of a porous media design—and more.

Unrivaled Customer Support Opens New Doors

As the H2W team began using New Way products, their experience in the products grew, enabling them to build increasingly complex systems. When presented with a ‘one-off’ type of scenario, H2W got the support they needed from New Way.

“The engineering support has been great,” stated Mitchell.

H2W’s ability to solve these challenges with the help of New Way meant H2W customers kept coming back to them to design their next unique, complex system. As New Way’s product line grew, so did the offerings from H2W. In fact, this combination of product quality and support enabled H2W to expand its product line from just single-axis air bearing stages to include multi-axis stages.

New Way customer, H2W Technologies, found a unique blend of service and quality for their air bearing stage product line. Over the years, H2W has repeatedly used several New Way products in the development of air bearing stages, including:

Mitchell noted his customers have commented on New Way’s:

  • Ease of use and implementation
  • Impressive durability
  • Thorough documentation

“That’s what sets New Way apart is the support,” states Mitchell.

Partner With Us!

“New Way doesn’t just sell air bearings. Our products come with the engineering support you need to ensure optimal operation of the bearing in your application,” states Rich Hesse, New Way Technical Sales Manager.

If you are ready to experience the product quality and support offered by New Way, contact us today for a complimentary consultation!

James Mitchell

H2W Vice President, Design Engineering and Quality Assurance

Rich Hesse

New Way Technical Sales Manager

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