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A Philadelphia based, $100 million revenue, world-class business. A technology-driven, market leading “best place to work,” and community partner.


To benefit all our stakeholders through the global commercialization of porous media air bearing technology.


To be the Global Market Leader in the design and manufacture of modular air bearings, and to be the Recognized Provider of integrated porous media air bearing solutions for OEM applications.

In order to achieve these goals…

…We will:

  • Employ market-driven strategies to generate business growth through the identification, development, and domination of specific markets.
  • Seek customers with applications that will benefit only from, and be dependent upon, air bearings, and porous media air bearing technology in particular.
  • Differentiate ourselves from our competition by providing the customer with economical and/or technological benefits developed from proprietary capabilities.
  • Design, develop, and integrate custom porous media air bearing technology solutions only for specific applications where profitable, large volume production has been identified through market research.
  • Design, develop, market, sell, and support a range of multi-purpose air bearing products that are easy to use, available from stock, reasonably priced, and specifically meet the needs of target markets.
  • Provide the ‘whole product’, making the customer experience of selecting, specifying, buying, and integrating air bearings as easy as possible.

…We will not:

  • Be a precision machining ‘job shop.’
  • Develop and sell commodity products that compete on price alone.
  • Develop products or applications that can easily be reproduced by others.
  • Undertake ‘one-of-a-kind,’ custom projects, unless they lead to significant marketing or other business advantage.
  • Develop internal competencies that are readily available externally, unless they are required in order to maintain or protect our competitive advantage.

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