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New Way® Gas Bearings Offer a Better Solution for Turbo Equipment


A Better Solution for Turbo Equipment

The turbomachinery industry is searching for new bearing technology that can offer better solutions to meet its challenging demands. Bently BearingsTM from New Way® offers a non-contact solution for the turbo industry that mitigates many of the issues associated with conventional oil bearings. For example, traditional hydrodynamic oil bearings pose problems with friction, heat, life issues, and the need for expensive oil supply systems. Other gas-based bearings, such as foil bearings, can’t handle heavy loads and make contact at startup that causes wear. Lastly, non-contacting, magnetic bearings require a complex control system with backup bearings that are expensive and have issues with heat generation and high loads.

Bently Bearings eliminate many of these problems and provide the turbo industry with solutions previously not available. These Externally Pressurized Porous (EPP) Gas Bearings float on a very small film of gas for a non-contacting operation at higher speeds with almost no heat generation.

The benefits of using these gas bearings are many. From reduction of wear and lower maintenance to cost savings and ease of operation, Bently Bearings, are a superior choice.

Significant Reduction in Wear:

With no dry running at startup, the ability to operate at higher-speeds without generating heat, and the elimination of contact from running on process gas in the bearing gaps, Bently Bearings, offer an alternative to traditional foil or magnetic bearings that help to maintain equipment without wear and tear or damage.

Lower Maintenance Issues:

EPP Gas Bearings have the capability to effectively function in extremely high-temperatures and require considerably less maintenance than oil bearings. Bently Bearings are also outstanding for retrofit applications.

Cost Savings:

In addition to offering reduced wear and lower maintenance time, which helps to eliminate costly downtime, Bently Bearings provide substantial cost savings in multiple other ways. The end user also gains cost-reduction benefits from::

  • Longer equipment life
  • Ability of Bently Bearing to serve as both a bearing and seal
  • No dry running at start-up
  • Superior for retrofit applications
  • Less peripheral equipment needed
  • No backup bearings required
  • Continuation of operation through hydrodynamics without failure if air supply is stopped

Bently bearings have high load carrying capacities, up to 400 psi, and can withstand temperatures compatible to 400C°. Other attributes include adjustable stiffness and damping. With a proven history of providing Frictionless Motion®️ in other industries, Bently Bearings offers solutions to many of the tough challenges associated with various turbomachinery applications.

Find out how air bearings work and see the Bently Bearings in action at the upcoming Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium in Houston on December 12 – 14. New Way will be in Booths 2611 (Bently Bearings) and 2710 (New Seal).

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