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Next Level of Precision With Linear Slides


New Way® Takes Linear Slides to the Next Level of Precision

New Way® Precision Linear Slides optimize linear guide measurement with straight motion, speed, and dynamic response an order of a magnitude greater than conventional slides that utilize mechanical bearings. Incorporating porous air bearings that eliminate physical contact and, in turn, friction, wear and hysteresis effects, New Way Precision Slides offer uniform and long-lasting operation, which adds a significant competitive advantage to equipment. In fact, the advantages of air bearing slides over conventional mechanical units are particularly pronounced in high-speed and high-acceleration motion control applications.

Three configurations of precision slides from New Way provide a local straightness (X and Z) of 250 nanometers (0.25 microns) per 25mm travel (10 micro inches per inch), with a maximum error of 2 microns per 1000mm travel (80 micro inches per yard). With an accurate guide surface built into the air slide, the New Way Precision Linear Slides offer a completed guide and bearing system for a smooth installation.

  • Offering the simplest design, End-Supported Air Slides provide a precise, integrated linear motion solution ready for installation. Units are designed specifically for applications where continuous support is not feasible. An engineered dovetail prevents guide bar sag that can occur with long-span, end-supported configurations.
  • With the lowest profile linear track and a slightly longer stage length, Dove Tail Slides contain a space between the guide bar and stage where a linear motor or other driver can be mounted. Units can be end-supported or continuously-supported to prevent guide bar sag.
  • Featuring a low-profile linear track and slightly wider stage than Dovetail Slides, Boxway Air Slides offer the largest load-carrying capacity and the longest travel length. The guide bar can be end-supported or continuously-supported to prevent guide bar sag associated with long-span, end-supported configurations.
  • Integration of New Way Precision Linear Slides is easy with the AirWay Linear Motion Guide System that enables engineers to swap out conventional linear bearings and rails with any air slide. Users simply remove existing rolling element truck and rail and replace them with the New Way Airway LMG system along with an air supply.

In addition to the standard, off-the-shelf units available for immediate delivery, New Way builds custom air slide assemblies. For more information, visit the New Way web site.

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