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C303202C303202 – 1-1/4″ Thrust Bushings

1-1/4″ Thrust Bushings

1-1/4" Thrust Bushings

New Way® Thrust Air Bushings make air bearing technology readily-available to engineers who require radial motion with axial constraint. These thrust bushings run on standard English precision steel shafting.

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Size1.25 Inch ID31.75 mm ID
Input Pressure0.41 MPa60 psi
Radial Load Max289 N65 lbs
Thrust Load Max645 N145 lbs
Axial Stiffness87 N/μ m0.50 lbs/μ in
Radial Stiffness34 N/μ m0.19 lbs/μ in
Flowrate on Shaft6.13 - 9.91 NLPM13.0 - 21.0 SCFH
Air Gap at maximum recommended load150 micro-inches3.81 microns
Thrust Bushing Inside Diameter (ID)1.2508 in +.0002/-.000031.770 + 0.005 /-0.000 mm
Bushing Outside Diameter (OD)50mm1.970 in
Thrust Face Outside Diameter (OD)76.2mm3.000 in
Thrust Bushing Length66.675mm2.625 in
Thrust Bushing Weight238 grams8.40 oz
Housing Material/FinishAluminum/AnodizedAluminum/Anodized
Porous Media MaterialCarbonCarbon
Recommended Shaft Outside Diameter (OD)1.250 in +.0000 / -.000331.750 +0.000 /-0.005 mm
Recommended Mounting Bore1.990 in +/-.00250.55 +0.076 / -0.000 mm
Maximum Allowable Pressure Supply0.689 MPa100 psi
Maximum Speed164 ft/s50 m/sec
Common Shaft MaterialsAnodized aluminum, stainless steel, nickel plated steel, ceramics, glassAnodized aluminum, stainless steel, nickel plated steel, ceramics, glass
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