CMM Bearings


Sheffield CMM Measurement Meets Frictionless Motion™

Multi-axis CMM machine checking the aluminum cylinder block parts.When it comes to CMM measurement and inspection, only the best components will suffice. Accurate measurement requires smooth, vibration-free action with ultra-high resolution, and New Way air bearings are leading the industry. However, we know that purchasing a new CMM machine can be extremely costly. That’s why New Way offers a comprehensive library of Sheffield CMM service and retrofit bearings to bring the power of Porous Media Technology™ to older machines.

With New Way, older and rebuilt machines can see astonishing results, and we are dedicated to making the retrofit process as easy as possible. Simply look at our special part numbering system to cross-reference the original Sheffield bearing to the New Way retrofit bearing. Our drop-in bearings come in a huge range of sizes to replace obsolete conventional bearings, orifice bearings, and even other porous graphite bearings from any Sheffield CMM machine.

Automated dimension inspection of metal parts by CMM after machining process.So whether you are a technician looking to service old CMM bearings or a rebuilder providing new life to an old machine, you can experience the power of contactless, zero-hysteresis, crash-resistant air bearings. To learn more about how air bearings are changing industries across the spectrum, download our eBook.

Retrofit Your Machine With Custom Parts from New Way

Want to supercharge your CMM measurement system with Porous Media air bearings, but need a custom size? We will work with you to retrofit or rebuild your machine with the benefit of contactless motion. Contact us anytime to discuss your custom application.

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