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Semiconductor Market

The semiconductor manufacturing industry has stringent requirements for precision, cleanliness, and speed. Air bearings are ideally suited to this environment, offering frictionless motion without the need for lubrication. Other pertinent benefits include: sub-nanometer repeatability, high speed, high stiffness, straighter motion, zero wear, zero vibration and reduced noise. They provide the enabling technology in many semiconductor applications including: Wafer Inspection, Wafer Probing, Wafer Repair, and Ion Implantation.


Linear Motion

New Way Air Bearings are often used to provide precision linear motion and positioning for semiconductor manufacturing applications.

Rotary Motion

New Way Radial Bearings and Bushing products can be configured to provide precision rotary motion and positioning solutions for semiconductor applications.


New Way offers a complete line of products which can be used for the non-contact handling od semiconductor wafers, as well as positioning applications for processing and inspection.