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Other Markets

Other Markets

The benefits of air bearings make them ideal for applications in a broad range of markets, from food processing to solar cell manufacturing, from optical lens manufacturing to paper products converting, and many more. Wherever there is a need for precision linear or rotary motion, air bearings are the solution of choice. The resulting frictionless motion provides unparalleled speed and acceleration, sub-nanometer repeatability, high stiffness, straighter motion, zero wear, zero vibration and reduced noise. Porous Media air bearings also provide high performance characteristics for applications in dusty, dirty environments where lubrication can cause issues resulting in frequent maintenance, downtime and wear.


Linear Motion

New Way Air Bearings are often used to provide precision linear motion and positioning for an array of different applications.

Rotary Motion

New Way Radial Bearings and Bushing products can be configured to provide precision rotary motion and positioning solutions for applications of all kinds.


New Way offers a complete line of products designed for non-contact glass handling applications, as well as positioning applications for processing and inspection.

Web Handling

New Way Air Bearings and Air Conveying products can be configured to handle webs including films, belts, and other flexible materials.

Fast Tool Servo

New Way Air Slides and Flat Bearings can be utilized to operate as Fast Tool Servos in a wide range of applications.