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Flat Panel Display

Flat Panel Display Market

The Flat Panel Display (FPD) manufacturing industry has stringent requirements for the handling, processing, and inspection of the glass. New Way Air Bars and Air Bearings provide for the precision, non-contact, handling and positioning of the glass during the processing and inspection operations, including Optical Inspection and LCD Printing machines. New Way air bearings are inherently suited for FPD clean room environments as the porous media acts as a sub-micron filter. Air bars with vacuum control technology control the vertical height of the glass to within ±5 microns, and eliminate vibration, enabling non-contact control for dynamic processing and inspection without the need to stabilize the glass on a vacuum chuck.



New Way offers a complete line of products specifically designed for non-contact glass handling applications, as well as positioning applications for processing and inspection.

Linear Motion

New Way Air Bearings are often used to provide precision linear motion and positioning for FPD manufacturing applications.