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A vast number of industries have made use of the benefits of air bearings. Markets where precision is the primary requirement have lead the way. These include semiconductor and CMM manufacturing. But as engineers discover the other benefits of air bearings, market-usage is diversified. Today air bearings are being applied in industries as diverse as automotive testing, medical scanning, flat panel display manufacturing, electronic assembly, and many more. Below you'll find the markets where New Way is providing significant solutions. If you don't see yours there, don't be discouraged. We'd be pleased to help you put it there.


Computed Tomography

The higher rotation speeds that air bearings allow make them ideal for computed tomography applications, increasing scale, enhancing image resolution and improving throughput for medical, security or industrial scanning.

Flat Panel Display

The tight fly-height control New Way Air Bars provide (±5 microns) enable non-contact conveyance and positioning of Flat Panel Display (FPD) glass for dynamic processing and inspection.


The elimination of friction made possible by air bearings facilitates ultra-precision motion and positioning, important factors in metrology applications like CMMs, Roundness Checking, and Surface Flatness Measuring Machines.

Precision Machine Tool

The unique frictionless properties of air bearings provide for ultra-precision positioning and motion, with no lubricants or wear, making them ideal for demanding precision machine tool applications.


Air bearings are ideally suited to the stringent requirements of the semiconductor environment. An enabling technology, air bearings provide frictionless motion without the lubrication, for high speed and acceleration, sub-nanometer repeatability, zero vibration and reduced noise.

Other Markets

Wherever there is a need for precision linear or rotary motion, air bearings provide significant performance benefits. They can also be applied in dusty, dirty environments where lubrication issues result in frequent maintenance and downtime.