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Air bearings are a long-proven technology. But it often takes more than a great technology to change an engineer's way of thinking. Sometimes it takes a great product. And thanks to New Way, air bearings have never been easier to apply. New Way's line of standard, off-the-shelf products are designed to help you change your paradigm, whether you're an OEM or an Integrator. Here are a few applications for your consideration.



New Way Air Conveyors and Precision Chucks provide precision, non-contact handling of thin film glass for the Flat Panel Display, Solar Panel, and PCB manufacturing industries.

Linear Motion

New Way Air Bearings can be configured in numerous ways to provide precision linear motion and positioning.

Rotary Motion

New Way Radial Bearings and Bushing products can be configured to provide precision rotary motion and positioning solutions.

Web Handling

New Way Air Bearings and Air Conveying products can be configured to handle webs including films, belts, and other flexible materials.

Fast Tool Servo

New Way Air Slides and Flat Bearings can be utilized to operate as Fast Tool Servos in precision machine tool applications.

Customer Proven Solutions

Customer Applications integrating New Way Air Bearing technology.