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New Way air bearings give customers in markets worldwide a significant competitive advantage. The company's roots run deep in the field of precision engineering. Where there's a need for precision motion, air bearings are the answer. And New Way's Porous Media™ Technology is ideal for many other applications as well. If you don't find your market or application listed here, chances are you'll still find the expertise at New Way. Just give us a call.



Industries of all kinds have made use of air bearing technology. Though precision applications still lead the way, as engineers discover the many other benefits of air bearings, usage diversifies. Here you'll find the markets where New Way is providing significant solutions today.


Air bearings have been around a long time. But thanks to New Way, they've never been easier to apply than they are today. New Way's line of standard, off-the-shelf products are designed to help you change your paradigm. Here are just a few of the applications we can offer.