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Turbomachinery and Balancing Solutions



Externally-Pressurized Gas Bearings and Seals for Use in Rotating Equipment


Externally-Pressurized Gas Bearings

Externally-Pressurized Gas Tilting Pad (or sleeve) Bearings enable non-contact, oil-free operation. These externally pressurized air bearings employ the same mounts as current hydrodynamic oil-based bearings (not compliant foils or flexures), so that high stiffness and damping can be maintained with an easy path to retrofit.  A variety of input gases in addition to air can be used – including process gas.  Click Here for more information!

Externally-Pressurized Gas Seals

New Way’s porous media technology, when applied to rotating equipment, allows for replacing conventional seals with externally-pressurized gas seals.  In some cases, a combination of bearing and sealing functionality can be achieved.  New Way’s seals can be pressurized by external means, or by using process gas.  Click Here for more information!


Key technology benefits associated with New Way’s Gas Bearings and Seals include:

  • No wear (frictionless)
  • No dry running at start-up; eliminates no-start potential
  • Requires similar real estate as conventional bearings and seals
  • Long life
  • High speeds without heat
  • Low gas consumption
  • Potential to run on process gas
  • Less ancillary support equipment compared to conventional bearings and seals