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Turbomachinery and Balancing Solutions



Externally-Pressurized Gas Bearings and Seals for Use in Rotating Equipment


Externally-Pressurized Gas Bearings

Externally-Pressurized Gas Tilting Pad (or sleeve) Bearings enable non-contact, oil-free operation. These externally pressurized air bearings employ the same mounts as current hydrodynamic oil-based bearings (not compliant foils or flexures), so that high stiffness and damping can be maintained with an easy path to retrofit.  A variety of input gases in addition to air can be used – including process gas.  Click Here for more information!

Externally-Pressurized Gas Seals

New Way’s porous media technology, when applied to rotating equipment, allows for replacing conventional seals with externally-pressurized gas seals.  In some cases, a combination of bearing and sealing functionality can be achieved.  New Way’s seals can be pressurized by external means, or by using process gas.  Click Here for more information!