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New Way Porous Media™ Technology produces frictionless motion. It enables increased speed and acceleration. It reduces noise and vibration. The frictionless motion it provides eliminates wear, and requires no lubrication, significantly reducing maintenance and downtime. These benefits are inherent in every New Way Air Bearings product. Whether you need a standard component or assembly, a mounting component to complete your application, or a custom-engineered solution, you'll find your pathway below.

  • New Way standard mounting components are well-thought-out and precision-engineered to make the integration of our standard product line easy. Find all the mounting components you'll need to get your application off-the-ground with a quick click here.

  • New Way is developing a number of new concepts for the turbomachinery and pump markets using its porous media technology. The results - built on the company's understanding of air film dynamics - have been significant. Consequently, New Way will be launching two new product lines soon.

  • New Way standard components are modular and easy to use. Designed with application in mind, they fit comfortably into most engineering paradigms. And because they are available from stock, you can design them in today, and apply them tomorrow.

  • New Way manufactures an array of standard slides designed to enable the easy application of linear motion. Ideal for engineers interested in an integral slide-and-guide approach, these modular assemblies may be your quickest path from the design to the delivery of your project.