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Launched on September 28, 2011, this New Way Air Bearings Web Site version 4.0 will be slightly different to everyone... so this site tour will have universal application. The site features a modified User Interface and Navigation structure that should make it easier than ever for visitors to find what they are looking for. Below, you'll find a quick overview of the site's seven sections and the functionalities that may be of interest to different types of site visitors.


An entirely new section of the web site introduced with the launch of Web Site 3.0, the Solutions section is designed to put air bearings into context for those who may be unfamiliar with New Way Porous Media™ air bearings. The Markets area is designed expressly to show those working in a specific market area how air bearings are currently being used. There is also an Applications section that shows specifically how air bearings can be utilized in applications which cross a number of markets or industries. Useful interlinks are also provided which enable visitors to easily identify which Products make which applications work in which markets.


The Products section of New Way Web Site 3.0 is designed to provide those who know New Way products with the most direct pathway to the information they need. This section is structured so visitors can easily distinguish between Components, Assemblies and Mounting Components, and provides interlinking pathways between them, where appropriate. There's also a Designed to Order section for New Way product concepts that require customer specifications prior to completion.

The Components section provides comprehensive, current information about each New Way Air Bearing standard product line, including: Air Bearings, Air Bushings, Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings, Radial Air Bearings, and Air Bars.

The Assemblies section of the new web site covers the four types of New Way Linear Slides, including: Dovetail Slides, End-Supported Slides, and BoxWay Slides.

The Designed to Order section typically provides the most-current specifications for New Way's latest product concepts. Currently, this includes the AirWay Linear Motion Guide System and the Spherical Air Bearing.

The Mounting Components section of the new site covers all of the sub-components necessary to complete your New Way Air Bearing application, including: Air Supply Fittings, Air Supply Tubing, Stainless Steel Balls, Ball Mounting Screws, Nut Housings, Ball Retaining Clips, End Mounts, Flexure Mounts, Mounting Blocks, O-rings, Shafts, and a range of miscellaneous Air Gages, Regulators and Filters.


The Design section is dedicated to pre-purchase information, support and technical resources, and is designed to address the needs of air bearing well as seasoned users. Design Basics provides site vistors with an 'Air Bearings 101.' It covers Air Bearing Basics, New Way™ Porous Media Technology, as well as a Technology Comparison of competing concepts.

Technical Resources provide a number of tools that you will find useful when you're ready to design using air bearings, including the New Way library of Engineering Drawings, the Care and Air requirements for air bearing usage, and a very useful set of Tech Links, which provide everything from a Glossary of Terms to a listing of links to pertinent Associations.


When you're ready to add air bearings to your design the Purchase section of the new web site is a good starting place.

First you'll find a Global Reach Map that enables you to find your New Way Air Bearings Distributor, simply by rolling over – and clicking on – the country in which you do business. That quick click will give you the contact information and a brief description of the distributor nearest you. If you click on the United States, a small Zip Code entry window will pop up. Keystroking your Zip Code, and clicking Submit, will provide your distributor and contact information as well. You may also choose to locate your distributor using the Global Distributor Listing by Company function, which provides all New Way channel partners in a simple drop-down list. You'll also find a Global Distributor Listing by Territory link, if you find that more convenient.

The Purchase section of the web site also includes an overview of the New Way Sales and Support Team, along with the contact information you'll require to reach the right team member.


As the Design section organizes pre-purchase information, the Support section provides post-purchase tools and resources. The first offering is an informative set of Technical Reports, including The History of Air Bearings, Detailed Product Information for a number of New Way product lines, New Way Technical Reports published down through the years, and a section dedicated to the collection of resources that make up the current Industry Body of Knowledge. There you'll also find Feature Articles that New way has published over the years. This provides an alternative pathway to the content of the same name in the Press section of the site (see below).

You'll also find a set of Resources (the same one found under the Design section), a repository of useful links and information, including: Conversions and Equivalents; a Glossary of Terms; relevent Associations, Industry Trade Shows and Industry Publications; Handbooks preferred by engineers who use air bearings; Standards established across many engineering disciplines; Online Reference Centers; and Related Resources.


Connecting with New Way Air Bearings is easy. The Contact section of the new web site makes it easier than ever before. The Contact section provides three different directions, each useful in their own ways: Contact Information, Distributor Information and a unique Directions and Liaison section.

Contact Information provides both basic information for reaching new Way Air Bearings, as well as links to a set of four different forms which provide the most efficient access available: Contact New Way, Request Information, Tell Us About Your Application, and Request A Quote.

Distributor Information provides yet another way to associate yourself with the New Way Air Bearings distribution channel. This listing identifies each distributor by territory, and provides a more detailed description, contact information, and a link to each distributor's web site.

Directions and Liaison provides maps and Directions to New Way Air Bearings from different compass points. It also informs visitors to New Way about Local Airports, Transportation, Hotels, Restaurants, Historic Sites, Attractions, Arts, Sports and Recreation. Typically, information for each is provided with an interactive map feature that show their position in relation to the New Way Air Bearings Aston Headquarters, and is subdivided by local region: Philadelphia Airport and vicinity, Historic Philadelphia, and the Brandywine Valley.

New Way

We've saved the bits about us for last. The New Way section of the site covers the Company, and Careers with the organization. It also provides a calendar of the Events that New Way attends or exhibits at during the calendar year. Finally, there is a Media Center for those in the press who might have an interest in finding out more about New Way Air Bearings.

The Company section of the site presents the New Way Mission; the History of New Way and how it fits into the History of Air Bearings; biographical sketches of the New Way Management Team; and the integral role the company plays in the local Community. The ISO 9001:2008 Certification section provides very important information about the company's commitment to Quality.

The Careers component of the site includes descriptions of the Benefits and Training available to New Way employees; the natural Diversity of the organization's workforce and the Code of Ethics in force; the Student programs available with the organization; and the Positions currently available. Site visitors can apply for these positions online using the Online Employment Application. You'll also find a series of Professional Snapshots featuring New Way employees, and the reasons they value – and are valued as members of – the New Way Team.

For the professional member of the media, New Way has organized a number of useful resources in the Media Center. This includes Media Contacts; Exective Biographies; Fast Facts; a Press Room featuring Releases and printed articles In the News; a Graphics and Multimedia section containing Photography in press-appropriate resolutions, Logos, Animation and Video segments; and a set of Event Highlights from the previous year.