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The video selections below were taped to provide quick, technical vignettes illustrating the function and the benefits of New Way Porous Media™ Air Bearings. They are available in an array of different file formats for use by the broadcast press. If you require a different file format, or raw videotape for use in one of your programs, please feel free to contact our Media Relations department. These vignettes are organized roughly into three catagories:

  1. Air Bearing Basics
  2. New Way Products
  3. Related Subjects

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Air Bearing Basics


This set of videos, featuring New Way founder and CTO Drew Devitt, is designed to provide a solid baseline of information for engineers who may not have worked with porous media air bearings previously.  But we think even the most-seasoned air bearing expert may find something new. (See the Hacksaw in the very first production!)

Air Bearing Basics

Drew's Views August 24, 2011

Air bearings are part of the Fluid Film group of bearings. As aerostatic bearings, a further subdivision, New Way air bearings require an external pressure source, which means that fly height is not dependent on motion. The video also introduces porous media compensation, and compares this type with orifice-based air bearings. The robust nature of porous media air bearings is demonstrated...with a hacksaw.

3:13   (Poor Audio - Fixing)


Air Bearing 101 Webcast

Delivered September 27, 2011 (Now On Demand)

This is the on-demand version of the Air Bearings 101 Webcast produced by New Way Air Bearings on September 27, 2011. Featuring New Way founder and CTO Drew Devitt, it covers the basics of frictionless motion. Although it was created for an academic audience (students), it makes this introductory information accessible for all.

57:48   (Audio)


Restriction and Compensation Characteristics

Drew's Views July 6, 2012

This program covers the concepts of Restriction and Compensation, characteristics which distinguish air bearings from all other pneumatic systems.  You'll learn what Restriction is, and why it is important in the application of air bearings. Furthermore, this simple video will show you why porous media air bearings offer engineers a superior solution to air bearings featuring discrete orifices.

5:18   (Audio)

Can Air Be Stiffer Than Steel?

Drew's Views June 8, 2011

This video features a 3-1/4" diameter stainless steel shaft positioned inside two split bearing blocks which house radial air bearings. The air is turned off, and the rotating shaft screeches to a halt, showing that the air bearings are already preloaded. When the air pressure is turned back on, these porous media air bearings are strong enough to bend the structure, making themselves clearance, showing that the air bearings are stiffer than the structure.

2:06   (Audio)

New Way Products


Here you'll find a number of longer-format videos designed to introduce you to New Way Air Bearings products, their functions, and the benefits that they can provide for engineers in various industries or markets.

Standard New Way Product Line Overview

Drew's Views May 8, 2012

This video provides an introduction to the New Way standard product line, including Flat Round Air Bearings, Air Bushings, Flat Rectangular Air Bearings, Radial Air Bearings, Spherical Air Bearings, and Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings.

5:56   (Audio)

Air Bushings Overview

Drew's Views August 29, 2012

This video provides a more-detailed look at New Way's Metric and English Air Bushing product lines. It covers sizes, and the technical specifications, lift-load curves, stiffness equations, engineering drawings, and mounting hardware that you'll find on the New Way web site. It also explains why air bushings are an ideal solution for many simple linear or rotary applications, and demonstrates how easy it is to install one.

6:39   (Audio)


Vacuum Preloaded (VPL) Air Bearings - Dynamics Testing

Drew's Views February 14, 2013

This video was filmed during independent testing of New Way's 90mm Vacuum Preloaded (VPL) Air Bearing in the Machine Dynamics Lab at Penn State University. Dynamics measurement was hosted by Dr. Eric Marsh, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Penn State, and Director of the Lab. Professor Marsh was kind enough to allow Drew to film the proceedings. Testing shows that these bearings provide high damping and first natural frequency.

1:03   (Audio)


Related Subjects


There are many subjects related to air bearings that help to put these precision, non-contact components into context. This section is dedicated to such subjects.

Tilting Pad Bearing Demonstration

Drew's Views March 12, 2012

In this video the viewer is “introduced” to Tilting Pad Bearings, using a Kingsbury Demo Kit from the 1920s. Though these bearings were invented before the turn of the LAST century, the concept still flies today, with future applications for air bearings based on the same principles.

3:56   (Audio)