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Graphics and Multimedia

Whether you need high-resolution photography, New Way logo treatments, illustration, animation or video for your story or segment, you'll find it here.


No matter how much you hear about the superiority of a porous media air bearing, it's even more impressive once you see it. You'll find a variety of such videos here.


Much of what drives an air bearing...and many of its benefits...occurs at a sub-micron level. That's why New Way provides technology animations, enabling you to see and understand why Porous Media Air Bearings are precisely what is required.


When you're on deadline and you need visuals to support your work, New Way Air Bearings provides everything you need, including product shots, personnel photography, application images and facilities shots.


Here is your link to the official New Way Air Bearings logotype, in a number of forms and file types for use across a broad range of media applications.