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Fast Facts


Fast Facts about New Way Air Bearings:

  • Founded January 1994.
  • 42 employees.
  • Located 15 miles south of Philadelphia in Aston, PA.
  • Environmentally-controlled precision machining, manufacturing, and test.
  • Market Leader in Modular Air Bearings. Available from stock.
  • Recognized provider of integrated porous media air bearing solutions.
  • "Frictionless Motion..."
  • Sales to 30 Countries.
  • 11 Distributors/ Reps in the USA with 11 Distributors in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
  • 200 current clients with 5 - 10 new customers added every month.
  • Largest percentage of sales out of Japan and the USA.
  • Largest markets in the Flat Panel Display Manufacturing and Semiconductor segment.
  • Market leader In Porous Media Air Bearing Technology.
  • Recognized leader in the application of Porous Media Technology to custom precision machine applications.
  • English and Metric Sizes and Custom Shapes