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Executive Biographies


The management team at New Way Air Bearings brings together a diverse array of global business expertise. New Way has its roots in the precision engineering world, but draws from the experience of many different industries. With members from some of the largest well as some of the most-intriguing entrepreneurial operations...the team is well-balanced and market-tested. It is also well-positioned to ensure adherence to New Way's corporate Mission, while executing on the organization's strategic plan. New Way also relies on a seasoned Board of Directors to help ensure the organization's positive, customer-centric growth.


Drew Devitt serves as Chairman and Chief Technology Officer for New Way Air Bearings, which he founded in 1994. In his capacity as CTO, he is responsible for the organization's research and development functions.

Nick Sotiropoulos co-founded New Way after years of entrepreneurship, culminating with the sale of the assets of his company, American Sun, to New Way. He continues to lead, serving as the organization's Chief Engineer.

Nick Hackett serves as President and CEO for New Way Air Bearings. He is responsible for strategic corporate management, day-to-day business unit operations, marketing and financial management.