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Community Relations

In many ways, New Way is a product of the community in which it is located, the birthplace of America...greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; more specifically, Aston, PA. The roots of freedom, innovation and entrepreneurship run deep here, and New Way is proud to be a part of that ongoing tradition. What's more, the people who make New Way work live in this community, and are an integral part of it. So our commitment to Aston, to greater Philadelphia, and to southeastern Pennsylvania are very strong indeed. We don't just want to 'give something back' to the local community; we want to support, strengthen, reinforce and enhance it from within. Here you'll find some of the pathways New Way takes to do so.

Local News

New Way is often featured in the trade press for the markets in which we operate. But the company also sees significant coverage in the local press of Aston, Philadelphia and Delaware County, Pennsylvania. You'll discover some of this coverage here.

Community Involvement

New Way is very much a product of its Aston, PA, environment. The roots run deep in this hard-working, pioneering community where the founders grew up, where many team-members live, and where the company's global HQ remains. That is why New Way has increasingly invested a high level of care and attention right here in its surrounding communities.


Education is an amorphous concept these days...a platitude for politicians. At New Way, it's an attitude. We know it is the force that can propel our company and our community. The New Way approach is hands-on, encouraging students and graduates to roll up their sleeves and get down to business with an internship or entry-level position.


Preserving the environment and ensuring the safety of New Way employees and the community are core values at New Way. Environmentally-friendly business is right for the community, the environment, and the future. And it is our business. Find out more here.