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New Way Air Bearings provides technical training at our Aston, Pennsylvania headquarters to prepare new personnel for the technical challenges in the manufacture, performance and sale of Porous Media™ air bearings. Training is provided for both salaried and hourly employees.

Specifically, the goals of the technical training are to help employees:

  • Gain an understanding of the various forms of air bearings (orifice versus porous media).
  • Become informed about 'obsolete' contact bearings (rolling element bearings).
  • Learn about the differential advantages of Porous Media™ air bearing technology.
  • Understand the differing technical standards and measures used around the world. 
  • Know where to find appropriate technical resources for problem-solving purposes (trainees, employees and management).
  • Provide basic through advanced training on the various precision machine tools and equipment on the floor of the New Way manufacturing facilities.

In addition, specialized programs designed for rapid ramp-up of new employees are available from many New Way departments.

Finally, advanced technical training for New Way personnel, customers, and the New Way distribution channel will soon be available as on-line video eLearning modules.