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Whether you are discovering, specifying, applying, or maintaining air bearings, you may want some additional resources. Well here they are, all in one place. From the micro to the macro, you'll probably find it here. And if you don't, we want to hear about it so we can provide it for the next engineer.


Conversions and Equivalents

When you're specifying air bearings, and you need a quick conversion or equivalent measure, you'll find a number of useful utilities and web sites with a quick click here.

Glossary of Terms

Sometimes it's helpful to define terms. The same term may mean something slightly different, or very different, from industry to industry...and air bearings are used in many different industries. This Glossary of Terms provides definitions for the air bearing terminology that we use, so when we connect, we'll be in alignment.


If you have a need for more information about air bearings, precision engineering, or the many markets in which they are applied, you may want to connect with a relevent association. Obviously these specialized organizations are an excellent source of information and expertise. Here you'll find a number of them organized by pertinent market.

Industry Trade Shows

New Way air bearings are used to meet a diverse array of specifications in a wide variety of industries, worldwide. In order to keep pace with needs and requirements, New Way carefully monitors the conferences, trade shows, meetings and other events at which the members of these industries and their leadership gather.

Industry Publications

New Way Porous Media™ air bearings find applications across a broad array of industries, and are specified by engineers and technicians with a variety of roles and responsibilities. The company carefully tracks the print, broadcast and web media representing these markets.


What's on your bookshelf? Have you gone completely digital? Either way, here is a listing of good, old-fashioned handbooks, reference manuals and other tools which you may find useful in the specification and application of air bearings.

Online Reference Centers

Of course you'll find access to many significant resources online these days. This is a list of a number of these online reference centers, portals, pedias and web sites which may be of interest.

Related Product and Service Resources

As with many other types of products, the application of air bearings touches, and is touched by, many related products and services. This section provides a pathway to these related resources.