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When you're exploring the advantages of air bearings, or you are ready to apply them to your work, you'll find information here that will be of use. First, you'll find an air bearing primer. Beyond the Basics of Air Bearings you'll also find Technical Resources that may provide you with a better understanding of the nature of air bearings, their application, as well as their uses.


Design Basics

If you need an air bearing primer, this is the place to start. It offers you some air bearing basics, addresses the advantages of New Way Porous Media™ technology, and concludes with a comparison of competitive technologies.

History of Air Bearings

Air bearings put into their historical context within the bearing industry, showing where they have been used successfully, in addition to discussing the relative merits of different types of air bearings and some of their potential applications.

Technology Comparisons

Porous media air bearings are a disruptive technology. They provide advantages that traditional rolling element bearings, or even conventional orifice air bearings, simply cannot. Make the comparison for yourself here.

Detailed Product Information

Throughout this site, you'll find information designed to define appropriate aspects of the applications at hand. Here you'll find compiled information, more-detailed documentation, and support vehicles for various New Way product lines.

Application Guide

This design resource provides in-depth information about New Way air bearings, design and application assistance, care and maintenance guidelines, and much more.

Technical Resources

Technical resources, designed to get you up-and-running quickly and effectively, can be found here. This includes a repository for New Way engineering drawings, important information about the care of air bearings and requirements for clean dry air, as well as a useful set of 'Tech Links.'


New Way has begun to build a series of training videos and other educational content that you can tap into any time, from anywhere in the world. Here you have access to videos, animations, webcasts, blog entries, and a variety of other training tools. This page is the repository for those programs, scheduled and developed.