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Local Recreation

Skate, cayak, tube, or fly while in Philadelphia and the Brandywine Valley to experience the area in the most exhilarating way. Parks, rivers, trails, and rinks line the area surrounding New Way and all listed here are beckoning the most adventurous of New Way’s visitors.

Philadelphia Center City

For the active or adventurous, there are a myriad of recreational activities all within easy reach of the downtown Philadelphia area. Skating; sailing; a quick walk, jog or run in the park; Philadelphia can accommodate all these recreational needs, and many more.

Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley

The recreational opportunities in the city of Wilmington and the rolling hills of the Brandywine Valley are many and varied. Natural getaways, horseback riding, zooing and canoeing, are just some of the peaceful, energetic experiences you can enjoy away from the city.