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Mounting Components

  • New Way offers an array of brass fitting styles which enable you the maximum flexibility when you're ready to plumb your air bearings to your supply of clean, dry air.

  • New Way recommends this clear, polyurethane tubing for the distribution of clean, dry, pressurized air from your compression source to your air bearing application. It is available in three different diameters.
  • Made from Grade 25 stainless steel, New Way balls act as a self-leveling interface between our flat air bearing pucks and your application. These balls may be the simplest way of all to mount an air bearing.
  • In round or flat end configurations, these 416 stainless steel ball mounting screws enable easy air bearing mounting. Their gimballed design helps to ensure that the bearing face remains parallel with your guide surface.
  • When mounting your flat round or flat rectangular air bearing using a round-end mounting screw or stainless steel ball, you can use this (optional) ball retaining clip to ensure a more secure application.
  • Sold in pairs for easy parallel installation of New Way air bushing shafts, these clear anodized aluminum end mounts are manufactured to seat industry standard shaft sizing.
  • Designed specifically for the mounting of New Way vacuum preloaded air bearings, these two-piece, aluminum flexure mounts provide bi-directional stiffness, a low pivot point, and infinitesimal angular adjustment.
  • When plumbing your air bearing application, you may find the gages, regulators and filters offered here useful for the filtering of air, and the monitoring or adjustment of your pressurized air supply.

  • Available in standard sizes, these black anodized aluminum mounting blocks enable the easy assembly of custom slides using New Way air bushings, which are mounted inside on o-rings to allow self-alignment.
  • These common nut housings are an optional subcomponent used with New Way flat end ball mounting screws. For certain applications they can simplify installation.
  • New Way offers replacement O-rings. These simple copolymer rings mount on the outside of the air bushing housing, creating a sealed air pressure chamber, while also positioning and aligning the bushing.
  • New Way Air Bushings use solid steel cylindrical shaft guide ways. These shafts are manufactured to industry standard sizes with surface finishes of 16 RMS or better for optimal performance.